Wednesday, March 25, 2009

State of the Station

We have a meeting this afternoon with a committee of students to determine whether our organization is consistent with the mission of the University--we think it is--and if we have a clear vision for the future of this station--we do. It's the last step in our application process to become an organization, and, if we're successful, we should find out after Easter. These are exciting times for KCUJ Radio.

Of course, becoming an organization entails that we'll be moving to a website on the Creighton server. Once that transition is complete, this website ( will redirect to our new home on the internet.

Our current predicament is that we are wanting for money and equipment with which to get this station off the ground. If you can help us, either directly, or by means of contacts, we would be very grateful! Maybe you'll get a closet or a sandwich named after you.

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