Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thank you, Forbes Magazine.

This is, admittedly, a long overdue post. We found out nearly two months ago, now, that our application to become an organization was rejected. We were denied organization status because we evidently lacked financial viability, and because the FM radio station in the 1990s ultimately declined.

It's a huge bummer, but there are some small successes:

(a) Creighton was ranked #498 in Forbes Magazine's list of the 500 best colleges. This is a bummer, but we were thrilled (!!) to see that we made it in the list of campus media.

(b) We still have a mousepad or two to keep the memory of KCUJ alive.

(c) The Pat Dangerous Show will return full-time, running every Monday night (starting 9/14) from 8-9 pm on TalkShoe Radio, and the (new) (entirely fictional) KCUJ Radio network.

Thanks for all your support of KCUJ Radio. It's been real.

Seacrest out,